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Kettle mixes up its crisps to include fruit and veg with flavours inspired by dinner

Its new range experiments with meals in crisp form, while a fresh player is bringing sweet crisps and interesting dips to the category.

8 April 2019

It is releasing a new range, which sees real slices of fruit and veg, partnered with their potato crisps.

There are three SKUs in the line up. The first is for the fruit lovers with Kettle & Apple slices, with Norfolk Pork Sausage seasoning, the crisp equivalent of pork and apple bangers whipped off a smoky barbecue, according to the company.

Next consumers can crunch on Kettle & Sweet Potato slices with Smoked Chipotle & Crème Fraîche seasoning, bringing to mind crisp sweet potato fries sprinkled with smoky and spicy chilli and dunked in a delicious crème fraîche dip, it said.

Rounding out the range is Kettle & Beetroot slices with Goats’ Cheese & Caramelised Onion seasoning, taking shoppers straight to eating a slice of a freshly baked caramelised onion, beetroot and goats’ cheese tart, said the brand.

A meal in a crisp

The seasonings for the launch range have been specially crafted by Kettle’s development chef, Phil Hovey, to transport consumers to the flavours and textures of a complete meal in every bite.

“I have chosen fruit and veg which perfectly complements the taste and texture of the seasonings and chips,” said Hovey. “If it didn’t add to the experience, it didn’t make it into the packet.”

The range has been created to engage each sense, with the new inclusions adding vibrancy, texture and taste to the traditional crisp event, according to Kettle.

“The new Kettle & More range shows Kettle at its most playful and innovative, whilst staying true to our core principals – we’re committed to using 100% real food ingredients and ensuring our customers receive a product that is crunchy, tasty and satisfying,” senior brand manager Kizzy Beckett said. “We can’t wait for consumers to taste the new range as its is something quite different for UK crisp eaters to experience.”

The crisps are available in Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores nationwide, with the 100g sharing bags retailing at £2.25. The launch will be supported by a trio of television adverts.

Sweet innovations and dips

Kettle’s launch comes as innovation in crisp seems to be heating up.

Soho joint Hip Chips is bringing its crisps and dip concept to a national audience as it launches into 109 Sainsbury’s stores. It will be selling boxes of either savoury or sweet crisps, with three of the store's most-popular dips from the last three years, priced at £4.99.

Consumers will be able to choose either the Savoury Box containing crisps dusted with sea salt with a Moroccan Style Yoghurt, a Beetroot, Ginger and Chili sauce and a Katsu dip or they can go for the first sweet crisp and dip offering in the UK, it claims. These crisps are dusted with cinnamon sugar and come with a Salted Caramel, a Passion Fruit and a Chocolate sauce.

The dips having been specially developed by Hip Chip’s executive chef Scott Davis so they can be stored and served at ambient temperature without any compromise on taste or quality.

Tim Sutton, general manager of Hip Chips said: “The question I am most frequently asked is 'when are you opening near me', so now we are proud to be bringing the Hip Chips experience to consumers across the UK.”

So is Sparkie going to swap his dessert for some sweet crisps?


Sparkie says:

I am not convinced by the sweet option from Hip Chips – I think consumers are generally pretty set on crisps being savoury. I think this part will likely get a lot of one-shot sales due to the novelty of it, but ultimately unless the product is outstanding people are going to prefer the savoury.

Packaging the crisps with a dip, especially something more interesting like this, seems like a good idea. The price point is on the high side but there really aren't many comparative options. I think this is one to sit on the fence with. More than likely, if it does reasonably well it will inspire so many producers to replicate it and at a price point that consumers will be happier to pay. Forward thinking producers could get in there now as a gamble if they could produce something similar at a lower price because otherwise I think it will end up being saturated quickly.

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