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Danone develops dairy range using world recipes

The French manufacturer has released five new yoghurts and fermented drinks into Ocado.

9 July 2018
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Yoghurts from around the world have inspired the latest range from French food manufacturer Danone.

Innovation manager Maxime Codina said four years of research and development were put into the new items, including gathering 350 yoghurts to taste, and working on how to bring new textures, flavours and uses into the dairy market.

Launched exclusively into Ocado, Danone of the World boasts five new yoghurts and fermented milks made using authentic recipes from regions around the world – each with a rich history of yoghurt making.

So what are the details behind this new dairy?

Cooking and drinking

The yoghurts can be used for different occasions and meal times.

Skyr is fat free, high in protein and creamy in texture, with Danone recommending it for the end of a meal or for breakfast. It’s also likely to be more familiar to people than some of the other options, considering it first made the leap from Iceland a few years ago and has been marketed as a superfood. Arla already sells it in the UK, as does Iceland brand Isey.

Lebanese laban is mild, fermented yoghurt and can be used as a culinary base for many dishes or sauces. It is often used to complement kebabs.

Ayran is a slightly salty and fermented milk drink, which in Turkey is often drunk with meals involving grilled or fried meat, as well as functioning as a summer aperitif. Lemon or fresh mint leaves are often added.

Lassi is a smoothie-style fermented drink that has a subtle sweetness, with Danone’s version containing a natural fruit flavour – it’s practically a dessert masquerading as a drink. A common refreshment in the UK’s Indian restaurants, it is normally a blend of yoghurt, water, spices and fruit. A traditional lassi is flavoured with ground and roasted cumin, while a sweet one contains sugar, pureed fruits, rose water or saffron, instead of spices.

Straggisto is a high-protein, creamy natural yoghurt from Greece that can also be used in cooking. It is widely used throughout Greece as a key ingredient for staple dishes like tzatziki dip and is made from cow's milk.


Five more to slup

  • Kefir: As Food Spark previously reported, this fermented drink has made it from wellness trends lists to the supermarket aisles. Last week, Waitrose reported a 45% growth in sales over the past three months.
  • Airag: a local Mongolian delicacy of fermented mare’s milk. It’s similar to kefir, but is started from a liquid culture, unlike the solid kefir grains.
  • Shubat: this cool glass of fermented camel milk from Kazakhstan is sold at roadside stalls and has a sour flavour.
  • Filmjölk: Swedish fermented milk that has been cultured at room temperature, without a heat source or yoghurt maker. It’s similar to cultured buttermilk, with a slightly sour taste.
  • Matsoni: a traditional Armenian yoghurt made from cow, goat, sheep or buffalo milk. People use it as a base for sauces, for marinating meat, as a daily drink and in desserts. It’s tangy and smooth.

Diversifying growth

The range aims to appeal to consumers looking for both exotic flavours and healthy, fermented foods.

Corinne Chant, innovation incubator director, said:  “Yohgurt has been recognised for centuries across many cultures of the world as a delicious food source. We wanted to share this rich heritage with UK consumers, taking inspiration from some of the world’s best yoghurt recipes.

“The Danone of the World yoghurts and fermented milks have been carefully developed to tap into diverse consumer tastes and interests. We see this as a real market growth opportunity for retailers, as it reminds us all of the unique heritage of the category and it aims to promote diversity and open the doors to yoghurt consumption for consumers.”

A report from Ibis World found that the UK dairy market is worth £1bn. It is predicted to grow by 1.6% in 2018.

Last year, German dairy giant Müller said it planned to invest £100m in its UK yoghurts and desserts business, saying it has identified a potential £233m of category growth through bringing exciting, innovative and game-changing branded and private-label yoghurt and dessert products.

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