8 stats on keeping shoppers happy

Research from consultancy firm Newton reveals consumers' biggest frustrations when it comes to in-store supermarket shopping.

9 August 2018

  • A survey of 4,000 consumers on their shopping experiences showed that almost half found slow checkouts a major irritation.
  • The biggest contributor to a slow-moving queue is scanning speeds. Increasing the productivity of this part of the checkout process by 6% results in quadruple the time spent with customers, according to Newton.
  • Other annoying factors include products being out of stock (46%) and difficulty finding products (38%). 
  • Yet, one in five shoppers wouldn’t buy an alternative product at the same store if their preferred brand was not in stock, meaning supermarkets may be losing out.
  • By implementing a targeted replenishment system, retailers could see an increase in sales by as much as £21.9m, according to Newton.
  • It’s not unusual for a supermarket to miss out on at least 5% of sales due to poor on-shelf availability, yet research showed that 25-60% of products that aren’t available on the shelf are actually sitting in the storeroom.
  • Presentation of a store is also key to shoppers. Nearly two-thirds of consumers feel frustrated when a store changes its layout because they can’t find what they need, while over a quarter want a better store layout.
  • Newton claims there is an estimated £4bn in untapped operational improvement cost-savings currently sitting within the grocery industry, including using data to regulate daily stock levels.

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