9 facts on how consumers feel about best-before labelling

With Tesco planning to remove the guideline on its own-brand fresh produce, YouGov surveyed the public to see how it would influence buying behaviour.

13 June 2018
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  • 13% of the public believe there is no difference between best-before and use-by dates.
  • For 73% of people, dates help them purchase products.
  • While over half of the public are confident about knowing how long they can keep their fresh produce without a best-before guide, over a quarter are unconfident.
  • Almost four in ten consumers feel that if food didn’t have best-before labels, they would probably buy smaller quantities to ensure their fresh produce was used before going off.
  • For those surveyed, 27% would question the quality of a product that did not have a best-before date on it.
  • Close to a third of 18-24s are not confident about how long they can keep fresh produce.
  • Younger buyers are also less likely than their older counterparts to eat food that has gone past its best-before date. Over a third of 18-24 year-olds do so often, compared to almost half of those aged 55+.
  • Removing the best-before labels would make 28% of the public concerned about the quality of the store.
  • With Tesco announcing plans to remove best-before guidelines from some of its own-brand fresh produce in an effort to reduce food waste, 57% of consumers believe that Tesco’s strategy will be significant in reducing overall food wastage.

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"9 facts on how consumers feel about best-before labelling"
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