8 figures on supermarket organic food

As Organic September draws to a close, ethical app Giki analysed 117,500 organic products from retailers to see how they compared to their non-organic counterparts.

28 September 2018

  • Overall, packaging was recyclable for 59% of organic products, compared to 53% that were non-organic. There was a bigger gap when it came to meat though with 85% of organic meats like beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and pork in recyclable packaging, while it was only 33% for non-organic meats.
  • When it came to products being free from additives, 88% of organic products met the criteria versus 53% for non-organic.
  • More than half of all baby foods are now organic, according to Giki.
  • In fact, one in seven baby milks and juices are organic.
  • More than one third of milk substitutes, including almond, oat and soya are organic. Brands such as Rebel Kitchen, Rude Health, Rice Dream and Alpro all offer organic milk alternatives.
  • Organic cheese is harder to find, with just 2% of the category offering organic, while fresh cream was also troublesome when it came to organic, standing at 3%. 
  • More than three quarters of all fruit and veg categories provide at least one organic alternative. 
  • Organic courgettes, cucumbers and pears are most widely available, with over a quarter of these being organic. 

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