9 ways to support consumer desire for healthy eating

Mintel’s survey of 2,000 people has revealed the initiatives that could encourage a better lifestyle.

7 January 2019
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  • 60% of Brits support taxes on unhealthy food and drink.
  • Consumers want to be incentivised to jump on the health train: 63% of adults would like brands to reward them for leading a healthy lifestyle, climbing to three-quarters of under-25s.
  • Tips on small changes to make one’s lifestyle healthier is an idea that resonates widely, appealing to 65% of adults overall and 71% of under-45s.
  • 62% of UK workers want their employer to encourage healthy habits at work.
  • But the research also found that 49% of under-25s said that a sheer lack of motivation is preventing them from following healthy habits more often.
  • This is in contrast to the nation’s over-65s, with just 21% agreeing a lack of motivation is a contributing factor to not following a healthy lifestyle more often.
  • Meanwhile, over half of over-65s say they already do as much as they can to follow healthy habits, compared to just 6% of under-25s.
  • For a quarter of those surveyed, cost was a barrier towards following healthier habits.
  • Enhancing emotional wellbeing could be a seller for eating healthier to younger people. Some 40% of under-25s would be encouraged to be healthier more often to “improve their state of mind,” compared to the average of 29%.


“The UK is facing an obesity time bomb and consumers recognise that decisive action is needed to combat this problem, even if it hits their pockets, said Emma Clifford, associate director of Food and Drink at Mintel. “Over six months after the soft drinks sugar tax was introduced and reports of a potential ‘pudding tax’ being considered, consumers are keen on the idea of taxing them in order to discourage unhealthy lifestyles. It is clear that consumers really want help in cutting through all the noise around healthy lifestyles, with more guidance in making healthier choices as well as rewards for doing so.”

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