Wrap It Up: the chain offering world foods in a wrap

Plant-based options, a new breakfast menu and food prepared fresh in front of customers are driving the brand's expansion.

19 July 2018
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It’s a brand inspired by a world of foods – from Turkish and Caribbean, to Mexican and Indian, through to America – but its offering is a fairly simple concept: global flavours in a wrap.

Called Wrap it Up, the chain already has 12 locations in London and two in Manchester, as well as seven others sites lined up, including one in Essex.

“People can’t afford to eat at full-service restaurants and are looking at quality food options in grab and go, and we are hoping this will give us the opportunity to grow further,” Wrap It Up’s head of marketing, James Bidgood, tells Food Spark.

The chain’s new locations include three sites in colleges and two in shopping centres, with Bidgood saying the chain is looking at tweaking prices and portion sizes for the different markets.

But it’s not just its sites that are expanding. There are also changes afoot on the menu.

Plant-based, Asian and breakfast

Tapping into a mega trend, the menu is heading towards more plant-based options, says Bidgood.

“Traditionally, our menu is very protein heavy, and we are seeing more and more demand for vegetarian-focused offers. We are not necessarily looking at a particular cuisine, but at plant-based, vegetarian and vegan options. Everyone is looking for slightly healthier and lighter options, so we will reflect that on the menu,” he says.

Asian flavours are popular, and Bidgood says they are looking at doing a Japanese-inspired wrap, working with a supplier that produces seaweed tortillas.

Wrap it Up is also joining another increasing trend among the chains: a breakfast menu, launching at select sites next month.

“The locations are very much city based and there is demand there for early breakfast offers. It’s going to be focused on global breakfast offerings, so it’s not the boring cereal or toast, it’s going to be very much lots of global flavours and a great quality homemade wrap,” says Bidgood.

The chain has also recently redeveloped its recipe for its Caribbean roti, which comes with an option of curried chicken, lamb or a vegetarian option of pumpkin and cauliflower, along with spinach, kale and roasted potato saag, drizzled with tamarind dressing.

Bidgood believes it’s a unique offering from the chain, with the split pea rotis made by a supplier in North London.

The new Lebanese falafel is also proving popular. The baked eat comes with pickled beetroot, mooli (white radish), hummus, cos lettuce, tomatoes with tahini dressing and khubz bread.

No factory food

Health and the homemade aspect are also driving the chain when it comes to its food.

“Everything has to be health conscious, as customers are eating at our sites day in and day out. It’s more an everyday option that needs to be healthy, rather than more of an indulgent treat, and we need to keep that in mind when developing food,” says Bidgood.

“The key thing for us is our wraps are produced in front of you. There are several quick-service restaurant brands producing food in factories, and I think consumers are expecting more handmade, fresh food rather than factory-based food.”

When it comes to provenance of food, this isn’t something the chain is seeing a demand from customers yet, but Bidgood believes it will trickle down in the future.

“I think that’s a lot more focused in the full-service restaurant sector – the provenance of ingredients – but I think it will flow through to quick service restaurants, but it’s more around flavour and health right now,” he says.

“We definitely see provenance will be important, and that’s around quality of ingredients and making sure there is traceability, but customers at the moment aren’t particularly asking for it.”

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