What signature eats are coming to Market Hall Victoria?

As the latest food hall launches on Monday, Food Spark takes a look at the food on offer and what dishes could come next.

9 November 2018

London is seeing a slew of new food-hall-style openings. The latest is Market Hall Victoria, which will throw open its doors on Monday. With 11 kitchens, three bars and one coffee shop, the site has seating for 400 people and is based at the former Pacha site at Terminus Place. It is the second of three London openings for the group announced at the start of the year, following Fulham and preceding Oxford Street.

It joins the likes of Kerb’s new meatless market and Boxpark Wembley, which is launching in December.

Further regional sites for Market Halls are set to be announced, including York and Liverpool, with a target to open 10-12 locations overall.

Market Hall Victoria will bring together restaurants from across the capital, including Baozi Inn, Monty’s Deli, Flank, Squirrel and Kerbisher & Malt, while introducing new offerings from some of London’s biggest hitters: Koya Ko by Koya, Gopal’s Corner by Roti King, Super Tacos from Breddos, Nonna Tonda from Fat Tony’s and Bunshop from The Marksman.  Joining these kitchens will be some popular faces from Market Hall Fulham, Fanny’s Kebabs and Press Coffee.

Food Spark finds out some of the signature eats that will be appearing at the market and what dishes could come next.

Nonna Tonda

Signature dish: Paccheri with shrimp, chilli and lemon pangrattato.

The inspiration and why people will love it: From the food and flavours of the Campania region, it will be a hit because of its freshness and simplicity, says founder James French.

How it all began: Inspired by the self-trained chef’s extensive travels around Italy and apprenticeship at the Michelin-starred l’Erba del Re in Modena. Nonna Tonda’s menu will offer classics from their Bar Termini residency, as well as new dishes.

The next dish on the radar: Cavatelli with lamb, chicken liver and rapini.



Signature dish: Oh My Cobb – a salad of chicken, kale, pickled red onion, quinoa, egg, avocado, sweetcorn and croutons, with a spicy cashew dressing.

The inspiration and why people will love it: “We wanted to put a healthier spin on the classic and well-loved salad. We always use fresh produce and there is also a perfect balance between all eight ingredients and the dressing,” the Squirrel founders say.

How it all began: This all-day, fast-casual, healthy-eating concept was created by Inception Group founders and their wives, Charlie and Anneke Gilkes and Duncan and Zoe Stirling. Unlike other health food concepts, all of Squirrel’s staff are trained in basic nutrition and can advise customers on what they should order to support their goals. Dishes created by nutritionist Zoe Stirling include seasonally inspired, nutritionally balanced, weekly-changing soups and stews.

The next dish on the radar: Seasonal specials Unbeetable and Hey Pesto are both deliciously filling salads that will come soon after the launch.


Koya Ko

Signature dish: Udon noodle – freshly handmade udon with a dashi broth. Koya’s udon noodles are made at its noodle workshop at Koya City each day and delivered to Soho and Victoria by bike. The udon noodle can be served many ways and with many different additions, but Koya Ko will focus on Atsu-Atsu (hot udon in hot broth) and Hiyashi (cold udon with cold sauce).

The inspiration and why people will love it: John Devitt’s pilgrimage to the Kagawa prefecture of Japan’s Shikoku Island introduced him to thick, stiff udon noodles that he had never seen in the UK. With its clear dashi broth, udon is one of the lighter Japanese options, according to the founders, and Koya is one of the few restaurants to hand make its noodles everyday. The udon noodle can also be served many different ways to suit everyone’s tastes, including vegetarian and vegan options.

How it all began: Devitt and Shuko Oda are the duo behind the Japanese noodle bar Koya, which currently has posts in Soho and the City.

The next dish on the radar: Koya will be launching an entirely new dish at Market Halls Victoria: the Chicken Nanban, fried chicken with tartare sauce and pickled beetroot. 


Kerbisher & Malt

Signature dish: Fish and chips with tartare sauce. All the fish is sustainable sourced, delivered fresh every day and cooked to order, while the batter is made in house using their unique recipe. The chips are twice cooked to make sure they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. To complement the quality of the fish, there is the freshly made tartare sauce.

The inspiration and why people will love it: “We wanted to add our take on this the UK’s national dish,” says co-founder and chef Saul Reuben. “Since the Second World War, fish and chips has maintained its place as the UK’s national dish. It evokes nostalgia, heart-felt memories of times gone by and is a must for most people visiting our shores.”

How it all began: Multi-award winning Kerbisher & Malt is a modern, British fish and chip shop, founded by a chef who previously was at OXO Tower and Racine.

The next dish on the radar: A soft-shell crab burger.


Fanny’s Kebabs


Signature dish: Swish chicken wrap with halloumi. It’s shish style, with 24-hour marinated chicken thigh chunks, grilled over open flames with grilled halloumi.

The inspiration and why people will love it: It came from eating many kebabs and customers will love it because it is tasty, healthy and nourishing, says co-founder Jacek Bilinkski. It’s also a kebab without the nasties, he adds.

How it all began: Following a record-breaking crowd-funding campaign and sell-out pop-up, Fanny’s Kebabs opened their first standalone restaurant in Stoke Newington in early 2018. Founded by Fulham residents Claude Compton – the man behind Claude’s Kitchen, Amuse Bouche and Tommy Tucker – in partnership with Bilinski, Fanny’s is a continuation of their ongoing mission to provide a fun, healthy and vibrant option for fast-casual dining.

The next dish on the radar: Top secret.


Baozi Inn

Signature dish: Dan Dan Noodles, swimming in a house made soy sauce, sesame sauce, peanut sauce and topped with minced pork and fresh coriander.

The inspiration and why people will love it: Dan Dan noodles takes its name from a type of carrying pole used by walking street vendors to sell to passersby many years ago and is a staple Sichuan street food dish loved all over Asia. It's  comforting, filling and rich in umami from the soy, peanut and sesame sauce. The minced pork has a spicy kick from chilli oil and Sichuan pepper, plus there are lots of textures all working together to deliver a great a bowl full of pleasure.

How it all began: Head chef Francis Law is a celebrated Cantonese cook and dim sum expert, honing his skills at Macau’s legendary Din Tai Fung, with Bazoi Inn’s first restaurant opening in Soho in May.

The next dish on the radar: Watch this space.



Signature dish: The buns will change seasonally, but the Welsh rarebit and mushroom is being touted as one of the must-try options at launch.

The inspiration and why people will love it: The seemingly simple concept plays on the nostalgia of great British baking, bringing together excellently sourced ingredients and childhood memories of buns in an entirely modern way. Harking back to Britain’s baking heritage, Bunshop is making these British buns star of the show using exceptional quality locally sourced ingredients. Just as fish and chips, Cornish pasties and jellied eel summate Britishness worldwide, Bunshop is bringing a version of forgotten the British bun and tea to London’s ever evolving food scene.

How it all began: The idea for Bunshop was born from Jon Rotheram and Tom Harris, the chefs behind Hackney’s Michelin award-winning pub, The Marksman, where visitors pile in on Saturday mornings for limited runs of its freshly baked goods. Deliciously soft and still warm from the oven, the stuffed buns have developed a cult following. Daydreaming about its potential, the duo are now bringing their East End buns out of the pub and have plans to launch more local Bunshops across London.

The next dish on the radar: Depends on the season.

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