What’s on the menu: udon, pho and plant-based bao

Food Spark’s trend spotters pick three notable restaurant openings from around the world.

5 February 2019
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image credit: Sacro

Udon Time, San Francisco

What’s the buzz: Udon Time is the third dedicated udon restaurant to open recently in the San Francisco area, following Taro San Japanese Noodle Bar and Marugame Udon. Udon definitely feels like it’s trending and is likely to take over some of ramen’s market share. Udon Time comes from the Omakase Restaurant group, who run several Japanese concepts, including a Michelin-starred sushi restaurant and a dumpling diner.

Spotlighted dish: Nobody is doing vegetarian udon like this:

image credit: Udon Time

Shiitake mushroom dashi (stock), corn, sweet tomatoes and carrot are served up with the signature noodles, which are made in-house and aged overnight to give a softer texture.

Sai Gon Dep, New York

What’s the buzz: Sai Gon Dep is the new solo venture of Vietnamese chef John Nguyen, who was the opening chef of the enormously popular Hanoi House in the East Village. He had a contentious split with the place and disappeared from the scene for a while, but fans of his cooking were wondering where he would pop up again.

Spotlighted dish: Like Hanoi House, the focus here is on pho, but John’s best one is made with chicken rather than the more commonly found beef pho. In addition to a fabulous broth, he must really want to remind the diners that they use every part of the chickens, because one can order a bowl of the pho with the head and feet garnishing the bowl!

image credit: Sai Gon Dep

Ditto for the beef pho, which comes with a big ol’ bone.

Sacro, Buenos Aires

What’s the buzz: It’s a vegan restaurant, which makes it a bold opening in Argentina’s meat-loving capital. Its menu was designed by LA-based chef Matthew Kenney, a vegan celebrity chef, and has plenty of Asian flavours.

Spotlighted dish: Too many to just name one! Roast carrot, sauerkraut and mustard bao (pictured above); Thai wraps with almond paté and tamarind salsa; sweet potato noodles with carrot, ginger and togarashi (chilli pepper) sauce.

image credit: Sacro

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