What dishes feature at new street food space Vinegar Yard?

There are steak and burgers for the meat eaters, plus Indian and Italian-inspired sandwiches to tempt the crowds.

9 April 2019
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Occupying a space in London Bridge, Vinegar Yard is the latest street food market to appear in the capital.

The brainchild of Benji Scrimgeour, founder of Flat Iron Square, the concept will be open seven days a week and include Million Pound Menu winner Baba G’s, as well as steak specialists Up In My Grill, brunch dishes from The Gentleman’s Baristas and Borough Market’s Turnips, which will serve risottos and juices.

Food Spark takes a look at some of the creative eats making an appearance.

Up In My Grill

Signature dish: The steak plate, which is described as incredibly well-bred Yorkshire bavette steak that has been grilled over charcoal and Kent oak. This is served on top of shoestring fries cooked in beef fat and accompanied by the signature chimichurri sauce as well as either Malbec pickled onions or pickled red chillies.

Inspiration for the dish: Both unbelievable British produce and Argentine asado. “For us it starts with the produce – we will always strive to use the best beef we can buy,”says co-founder Henry Sutton. “We cook this over open fire – a flavour that cannot be replicated by gas or pan cooking. This marriage of simple but incredible ingredients and fire is magical.”

Why customers will love it: Steak and chips is always a winner – simplicity at its best.

The next dish: “As we move into summer, we will be looking to grill larger cuts of lamb and pork slowly over open fire,” says Sutton. “We’ll bring a bigger grill and there will a lot more theatre in the coming months.”


Baba G’s

Signature dish: Naanwiches, aka sandwiches made with naan bread. There’s a take on the classic club with turkey bacon; paneer wedges served with spinach, mint and methi saag; and tikka fried chicken with aubergine pickle, iceberg lettuce, gherkin and chaat ranch dressing.

Inspiration for the dish: Sandwiches, obviously, which are arguably the most British food of them all. Add a little Indian element to the mix and voila!

Why customers will love it: Making the humble sandwich great again.

The next dish: Pachos – poppadum nacho’s topped with tomato coriander salsa, mango pulp, mint raita and chilli pickle. Extra toppings include lamb jalfrezi, tikka chicken and saag paneer.


Nanny Bill’s

Signature dish: The bacon double cheeseburger.

Inspiration for the dish: “It came from a passion to improve our classic double cheese burger, which is already amazing, simply by adding our house BBQ sauce and some amazing smoked bacon,” says founder Darren Simpson.

Why customers will love it: It might be basic but, like the steak plate, it’s about quality ingredients that pack a lot of flavour.

The next dish: Brisket croquettes, served with horseradish mustard mayo.



Signature dish: Sugos – pockets of ciabatta bread filled with traditional Italian recipes.

Inspiration for the dish: The streets of Rome and Palermo. Traditional recipes include the Sugo Di Agnello (lamb rage with olive pesto), Pollo Alla Cacciatora (chicken thighs with basil pesto) and Caponata (fried eggplant).

Why customers will love it: Deliciously oozy, saucy sandwiches that offer another way to devour ever-popular Italian flavours.

The next dish: Popcorn arancini with white truffle, ragu or three cheeses. Also on the horizon are suppli (deep-fried melted mozzarella risotto balls) and chickpea fries.

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