Dish With A Difference

We’re talking about: a meaty breakfast

The Guinea Grill is disregarding the plant-based trend and boldly striking out with a menu that makes meat the centrepiece. 

16 May 2019
Full Mixed Grill
  • The Dish: Seared calves liver, garlic butter, smoked streaky bacon, grilled tomato and two eggs
  • The Place: The Guinea Grill
  • The Chef: Nathan Richardson

What? There’s not an avocado in sight on The Guinea Grill’s first-ever breakfast menu. Most of the dishes are instead dominated by meat – and not just sausages and bacon. The eatery has gone all out with the inclusion of offal.

A selection of grills grace the menu, all with tomato, field mushroom, fried egg, smoked streaky bacon and Lincolnshire sausages, with options like lamb and beef. The Full Mixed Grill, recommended for two people, includes two lamb cutlets, 5oz beef fillet, devilled kidneys, ox heart and calves’ liver.

A classic prawn cocktail is also included to reflect the fact that “not everyone wants breakfast food at breakfast time,” said landlord Oisin Rogers.

Main courses include kedgeree with smoked cod loin, spiced rice and peas, and a poached egg, alongside devilled kidneys with smoked streaky bacon, two eggs and toast.

Omelettes are also spiced up: the Hangtown Fry offers a baked omelette with oysters, bacon and herb crème fraiche. (Diners can choose between spiced crab and crayfish too.)

The beef, bacon, sausages, black pudding, haggis and calves’ liver are all supplied by Godfreys of Finsbury Park, a family-owned company that has been providing The Guinea Grill with premium dry-aged British beef since the early 1960s.

“We realise that we’re going against every current trend with this – there’s not an avocado or chia seed in sight – and in that sense it’s a breakfast menu unlike any other,” said Richardson. “But we strongly believe that this is how breakfast should be: unhurried, hearty and luxurious. You won’t need lunch after breakfast at The Guinea Grill.”

image credit: Devilled Kidneys


Where? Young & Co’s Mayfair restaurant is serving up breakfast for the first time in its 67-year history.

To ensure availability, booking is required and service will be leisurely and unhurried. For larger groups, The Guinea Grill’s Boardroom, which seats up to 28, will be available for private dining.


Why? Because people want a bit of indulgence in their life – not a totally healthy breakfast every time they eat out. This could also be a smart ploy from the folks at The Guinea Grill – with every other joint offering smashed avo and bircher bowls, having a point of difference can surely entice a crowd looking for something different.

Incorporating seafood into breakfasts was a trend that Food Spark noted in 2017, which seems to have influenced The Guinea Grill’s menu as well. We previously noted Claw’s maple bacon and scallop muffin and Nobu’s Japanese take on the morning meal.

Even Italian chef Francesco Mazzei, who has already introduced breakfast pizza, has launched brunch with a difference at Sartoria this month, with playful brunch-inspired twists on classic Italian pasta dishes – although he hasn’t entirely ditched the avocado.

Riffing on on the classic eggs royale, one of Mazzei’s dishes replaces the traditional muffin with a crispy pasta rosti, serving it with smoked salmon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce, while another sees a freshly made ravioli filled with a perfect runny egg yolk centre.

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