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We’re talking about: Mexican brunch

Wahaca’s former head of menu innovation, Edson Diaz-Fuentes, introduces brunch at Santo Remedio, featuring doughnuts with a Mexican twist.

15 October 2018
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  • The Dish: Huevos Motulenos with salsa roja on tostadas, topped with eggs, Cotija cheese, bacon, peas and plantains
  • The Place: Santo Remedio, 152 Tooley St, London SE1 2TU
  • The Chef: Edson Diaz-Fuentes

What? Santo Remedio (‘holy remedy’ in Spanish) has launched a Sunday brunch that gathers together Mexican brunch dishes.

The menu will feature owners Edson and Natalie Diaz-Fuentes’ favourite regional specialities from across the country.

That includes Edson’s preferred hangover cure, discovered while he was living in the Yucatan Peninsula: huevos Motulenos, which combines corn tostadas, fried eggs, salsa roja (spicy red sauce), Cotija cheese (hard cow’s milk cheese), grilled bacon, peas and plantains. The traditional breakfast dish is also common in Cuba and Costa Rica. A delicate balance of flavours, the sweetness of the plantains pairs with the saltiness of the bacon and the spiciness of the sauce.

Other dishes on the menu include chilaquiles verdes (fried tortillas in salsa) with eggs, crema and Gringa Dairy’s Chihuahua cheese, as well as tetelas – pockets of corn stuffed with various ingredients like black beans, mole negro and Cotija cheese – from Mexico’s culinary heartland, Oaxaca.

A traditional sandwich called torta ahogada, filled with pork belly, drowned in morita salsa and topped with pink pickled onion, is made with baguettes from neighbouring St. John Bakery. The baked goods bastion will also be supplying doughnuts with some surprise Mexican fillings, which will change weekly but include combos like tomatillo jam and dulce de leche.

Where? Santo Remedio started in 2013, running pop-ups and supper clubs. After a few months in Shoreditch in 2016, the doors opened on a permanent spot in London Bridge in September 2017.

The restaurant imports speciality ingredients like pasilla chilli, serrano peppers and grasshoppers from Mexico. It also works with local producers like Gringa Dairy in Peckham, utilising artisanal Mexican cheeses.

“I am really excited to bring the dishes I grew up eating for breakfast and brunch in Mexico to Santo Remedio. It is my absolute favourite meal of the day and in Mexico it’s really a time to relax and enjoy being with friends and family,” said Edson, who was Wahaca’s former head of menu innovation.


Why? With cuisines like Japanese, Italian and Indian getting in on the brunch act, it’s a no-brainer that Mexican would also join the fray.

Santo Remedio is one of a number of operators who have recently launched a Mexican-inspired breakfast-cum-lunch menu.

Vegan pub The Spread Eagle has introduced a Mexican-Californian brunch this month that offers huevos rancheros with scrambled ‘eggs,’ Mexican ‘chorizo,’ black beans, avocado and salsa verde on a grilled paprika tortilla. Sitting alongside that are Mexico City favourite chilaquiles: fried corn tortillas drenched in salsa roja, roasted pepper queso and sour cream, topped with pickled jalapenos. The menu will also include ‘chick’n’ and waffles with chilli-infused maple syrup.

Back in July, Ella Canta began running a new weekend brunch menu that encouraged diners to tuck into dishes like Mexican-style scrambled eggs with black beans and maize totopos, as well as Mexican bread stuffed with slow-cooked pork and adobo salsa.

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