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We’re talking about: Indian brunch

A light is being shined on the country's regional cuisine with street food favourites like the Indian burger.

6 July 2018
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  • The Dish: Pavs stuffed with a choice of masala paneer, mutton fry, shammi unda or chorize
  • The Place: DUM Biryani House, 187B Wardour St, London, W1F 8ZB
  • The Chef: Dhruv Mittal

What? It’s a street food favourite, called pav (a type of Indian bread roll) or what Londoners know as an Indian burger. Generally, they are enjoyed with fried vegetable curry with spices, but chef Dhruv Mittal, who previously worked at The Fat Duck and Sat Bains, is offering diners a choice of fillings.

These include masala paneer (a cheese curry), mutton fry, shammi unda (beaten eggs) and chorize, which will be made using finely chopped chorizo, mixed with fresh ginger, chilli and garlic.


Where? Soho restaurant Dum Biryani House. Following extensive travels across India, founder Mittal became immersed in the rich, spicy flavours found across the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in Southern India.

Inspired, he returned to London with a desire to introduce this style of cooking to the city and as a result opened his restaurant in 2016. ‘Dum’ refers to the cooking method of biryani where meat or vegetables are layered with rice and steamed together until they are both cooked to perfection

The capital of the Telangana state, Hyderabad, is widely known as the birthplace of the biryani, and it is the Hyderabadi biryani which takes centre stage on the menu. But now brunch is stepping up to the plate.


Why? Food Spark has already reported on how international flavours are influencing this mealtime, with Waitrose releasing a Bombay brunch in May, which is filled with sausage, egg, spiced chickpeas, tomato and chilli sauce, while the team behind Gunpowder are opening their very own bakery this month called Custard, which will include breakfast offerings.

But as Dishoom’s executive chef Naved Nasir said regional cuisine is coming back on to the scene.

Dum Biryani House wanted to dive deeper into coastal flavours with their weekend brunch, with Mittal and his team, serving up dishes that showcase regional flavours.

“Here at Dum, whilst the biryani will always have a special place in our hearts, we wanted to shine a light on the lesser-known flavours of South East,” he said.

Also on the menu are meals like eggs Kejriwal, a dish built from sourdough toast, topped with coconut chutney, a fried egg and cheese, which is then finished under the grill. Small plates include butter garlic soft shell crab and coastal calamari rings served with coconut and orange sambol.

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