The key stats behind the growth of solo eating-out

A new report from The NPD Group has found that solo eating visits grew twice as fast as overall visits in Britain last year

19 February 2020
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  • In total, there were 4.4 billion solo eating-out visits in Britain last year, including foodservice delivery, growing twice as fast as overall visits.
  • Solo eating-out now accounts for more than 38% of the total 11.6 billion visits in the foodservice market.
  • The average spend of solo eaters is also on the rise, with spend on food and beverages increasing by 16% in the last five years, compared to 11% in the wider market.
  • The country’s favourite meal for eating out alone is breakfast, with visits increasing 15% since 2015.
  • Pan-Asian, Indian and Chinese food has proven to be the most appealing among solo eaters, with visits up 46% more than the overall market.
  • With visits growth of 34%, pizza/Italian cuisine is also proving popular.
  • According to The NPD Group report, the pressure of work is the main reason behind the growth, with solo eating out while at work 80% more likely than average.
  • Solo eaters also tend to eat away (81% in total) from where they purchased their food.


Dominic Allport, Insights Director (Foodservice) at The NPD Group, said: “The shrinking lunch break means workers want efficiency, and many foodservice outlets are making ordering and collecting food speedy and smooth… But it’s not just workers at lunchtime that are increasingly eating and drinking alone, snacking, breakfast and coffee breaks taken solo are on the rise too across the wider population.”

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