How health is influencing Brits' breakfast choices

New figures from Kantar Worldpanel show how consumers are looking for less processed ways to start the day.

8 March 2018

1. People are buying breakfast on the go more often, rising by 2% in 2017 compared to the previous year. Brits are also skipping breakfast less – down by 1% – but 90% of breakfasts are still eaten at home, demonstrating the huge opportunity that still exists in this area.


2. Consumer expectations for breakfast are changing as they become more focused on health. People now want breakfasts to provide us with a portion of fruit or veg (up 4%), to include general health benefits (up 3%) and to be natural and less processed (up 9%). Additionally, it must fill people up and should taste good.


3. Fruit juice was once a staple of Brits’ breakfast consumption and a way to reach the five-a-day target. But this drink is now declining due to its high sugar content, with one glass delivering 50% of the recommended daily sugar allowance.


4. Cereal remains a key staple, appearing at 55% of breakfast occasions. But consumers are also revamping their cereal with the addition of fruit up by 6%, as well as yoghurt. Interestingly, when people add fruit to cereal their portions are 10% smaller, leading to an overall decrease in the average bowl size.


5. Eggs are frequently seen as a healthier option, as consumers are choosing them more often at breakfast, up by 97 million occasions. Meanwhile, toast and spreads are declining, down by 63 million occasions and 67 million occasions respectively.

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