Eat this: Twisted London

Popular video channel Twisted turns from online to offline, delivering its fusion dude food recipes to East London.

15 November 2017
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  • The Gist: Video recipe channel Twisted takes the next step by offering food via UberEats and Deliveroo
  • The Chef: Tom Ewer
  • Location: Two-mile radius of E1, near Aldgate East
  • Food in 5 words: Watch it then eat it
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How did we get here?

You know those how-to videos of insane dishes like nutellamisu and lasagne-stuffed meatloaf? The ones that have been going viral and filling up Facebook feeds since March 2016? Well, the company behind them, Jungle Creations, has decided to move things offline and actually open its own restaurant. Sort of. 

What’s different about it?

Twisted London claims it is “the first time a social channel has branched into the restaurant business.” That business isn’t exactly a restaurant though – at least, not in the classical sense. More in the Deliveroo ‘dark kitchen’ sense. Building on the existing concept, people can watch enticing clips of the food being made via Twisted London’s Facebook channel, then click through to have the item delivered. During the initial phase, the catchment area will be limited to around Aldgate East, where Jungle Creations is headquartered. If all goes well, expect to see a fairly quick roll out across London, then the UK, then the US.

You’ve got to try… 

The Money Shot, priced at £10. Its name is as cheeky as the recipe, which involves two three-ounce chuck and brisket beef patties, sliced cheddar, panko-crumbed applewood cheese, more cheese in the form of a smoked cheese sauce, and even more cheese via the flamed parmesan brioche bun. Plus chilli jam and beer mustard, just to take the edge of the cheese. This is definitely on the decadent end of the indulgence spectrum.

Sparkie also likes….

Seoul Vings. No, that’s not a typo, because these aren’t wings made from chicken, they’re made from seitan, the vegan-friendly wheat meat that’s on the rise. East meets West as the American bar staple gets served with Korean chilli and honey sauce, sesame and kimchi mayo for £5.50/six or £9.50/12.

Go if…

You want to see one way to combine food, social media and delivery into a good-looking, experimental package.

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