Eat this: Omnino Brazilian Barbecue

Aiming to bring a high-end touch to this meaty affair, diners will get canapes, tapas-style salads and desserts as part of the package.

10 June 2019
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  • The Gist: London’s own churrascaria
  • The Chef: Eduardo Barsotti
  • Location: 7-9 St. Bride Street, London EC4A 4AS
  • Food in 5 words: Meat feast with token veg
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How did we get here?

The second offering from Omnino moves from steakhouse to high-end barbecue. Chef Eduardo Barsotti and his partner Ruth Cezar opened Omnino Steakhouse in Leadenhall over seven years ago and have a new concept for their second restaurant, which will have 73 covers.

Barsotti and Cezar previously worked as chef and restaurant manager respectively at Gaucho.

At Omnino Brazilian Barbecue, guests will be taken on a table-side culinary journey with local dishes served tapas style, alongside Brazilian desserts and South American wines.

What’s different about it?

The team will apply an “art of grilling” approach to offer an authentic barbecue experience – comparable to leading churrascarias in San Paolo and Rio.

The dinner menu starts with a selection of canapes, including salmon tartare, polenta cakes and empanadas with a filling of either beef, escarole and mozzarella or pincho and provolone cheese.

For the main, guests will then be served cuts of meat direct at their table – from Brazilian Toscana sausage to free-range marinated chicken, along with a selection of beef and roasted pork. Grilled sirloin and rump are just a prelude, however, to the final showstoppers (see below).

The meat is complemented by a selection of tapas sides to refresh the palette: black beans with farofa (toasted cassava) sit alongside small pots of fresh green salad with citrus, garlic rice, grilled root vegetables, tomato and onion salad, and roasted sweet potato with chorizo pincho. Every fortnight, the tapas sides will change as Barsotti’s menu explores the various regions of Brazil, giving guests an insight into its culinary diversity.

A pescatarian menu offers an alternative for non-meat eaters (highlight: charcoal grilled salmon with asparagus, Béarnaise sauce and salmon caviar), and there’s also a nod to vegetarians (ricotta and pecorino tortellini with creamed broccoli and leek) and vegans (mushroom and truffle risotto).

But, as at other steak-centred places like Bar + Block and Prime Steak & Grill, these are dishes created for inclusivity – meat is very much the main attraction.

You’ve got to try…

The meal’s meaty crescendo: a prime selection of Latin favourites like picaña, spicy ribeye and Argentine fillet.

Sparkie also likes…

The traditional Brazilian desserts in contemporary style – from the tropical guava cheesecake to the rich Brigadeirão (a Brazilian chocolate mousse).

Go if…

You want to feel a sense of sophistication while gorging with gusto.

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