Eat this: Afrik’N’Fusion, fast casual African hits affluent West London

A first UK outpost for the Paris-based chain who fuse staples from across Africa with contemporary Western delivery and convenience

24 February 2020
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  • The Gist: Lesser-known staples from across Africa in a fast-casual environment
  • Location: 308-310 North End Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1NQ
  • Food in 5 words: London's first African fast food?
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How did we get here?

Founded in Paris in 2011 (and now with six outposts in the French capital), Afrik’N’Fusion has made its first move across the channel this month, landing in Fulham’s North End Road after reportedly turning down offers from agencies in Camden and in central London.

Championing lesser-known dishes from African countries - with particular focus on West African cuisines such as Senegalese and Malian - Afrik’N’Fusion claim to be the UK’s first African fast food restaurant, with the brand looking to take advantage of recent consumer eating trends in the capital towards new flavours and ingredients from the continent.

We first started talking about West African food way back in 2017, with the opening of Ikoyi in the West End causing quite the stir, while Waitrose predicted flavours from this part of Africa would be big in 2019.

With diner curiosity continuing to grow over the past few years, Ikoyi has been joined by a number of other African-focused restaurants such as Akoko in Fitzrovia and the recently opened Nigerian tapas spot, Chuku’s in Tottenham.

And with their UK debut, Afrik’N’Fusion will be looking to push African cuisines into the fast-casual mainstream (helped by a number of celebrity footballers who already frequent), with their menu certainly an interesting read.

What’s different about it?

The menu at Afrik’N’Fusion (which is already available in full on Deliveroo and Uber Eats) is led by three ‘classic’ dishes. The first is a thieb, which is considered the national dish of Senegal.

Diners are given the choice of sea bass, chicken, beef or mixed vegetables which are stewed in a rich, spiced tomato sauce with white cabbage, carrots and aubergines, with a side of jollof rice.

The second is yassa, a marinated onion, lemon and mustard dish with white rice from the Casamance region of southern Senegal, with diners choosing chicken, beef or fish as their protein.

Malian mafe, a creamy groundnut stew with vegetables and white rice, completes the main trio, with diners once again choosing their main protein.

Beyond this, Afrik’N’Fusion offer eight different starters, ranging from salted cod akara (a fried street food often found in Nigeria) to suya-marinated chicken wings. Dibi lamb, roasted half or quarter chickens and whole chargrilled marinated sea bream can all be found on the grill (or dibeterie), with a number of ‘fusion’ burgers and salads also found on the wide-reaching menu.

Side dishes include Kellewelle, a plantain dish from Ghana and fresh ripe plantains, with desserts such as thiakry - a traditional Senegalese sweet millet couscous with fromage blanc and vanilla golden raisins – also catching the eye.  

You’ve got to try…

Attieke, a fermented cassava couscous from Congo.

Sparkie also likes…

Senegalese beignets (a popular street food in the capital, Dakar) which are deep fried fritter balls with pistachio ice cream and chocolate.

Go if…

You’re up for an African adventure.

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