Hot potato: the innovation promising crispier chips

Supplier Lamb Weston has developed a new product for the delivery market to counter the issue of soggy fries.

11 September 2018
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How technical can you get with a serving of fries? Apparently, very. Potato pioneer Lamb Weston has created a new concept designed to keep chips crispy for longer. Entitled Hot2Home, it’s aimed specifically at the delivery market, where consumers are often frustrated by the cold, unappetising potato mush that arrives at the door.

Several years of R&D are behind the launch, which has at its heart an ultra-thin starch coating that helps to maintain good texture. In fact, the team behind the product claims that each fry will deliver between five to six crunches. Now that’s precise.

But the coating is only part of the reason these spuds stay firmer for longer. The other key factor is the funky packaging.

Crunch time

Lamb Weston worked with a Dutch university to develop its patented boxes, which come in three standard sizes: portrait medium (for 150-165g portions), portrait large (175-190g) and landscape large (175-190g).

Made from wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the cartons employ a combination of tapered design and shaped holes to create a chimney effect. Through this, moisture exuded from the fries is effectively ventilated.

“Customers want hot and crispy fries with their meal and Hot2Home is the first overall solution for delivering fries with the guarantee that fries stay in optimal condition for up to 20 minutes,” said Andrea Deutschmanek, country marketeer UK & ROI at Lamb Weston. “Our research team has been listening to both our customers and their consumers and we know the size of the challenge. The team spent months developing and testing both the fries and the packaging until we knew it would ‘deliver!’”

Lamb Weston has made several technological improvements in recent years, including developing a sustainable agriculture plan and cutting water usage by 50% through the use of drones.

The announcement comes as several new chippies enter the market, including Belgian-inspired brand Frites 33 (named for its 33 condiment options), which launched in Nottingham in June, and ChipNation, debuting in London this month and offering a choice of 40 sauces.

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